Hatha Yoga has a few recommended exercises for the back. The goal is to muscle our back and push away the stress which can have negative effects on our health.

The best posture of hatha yoga to improve the posture is the following, according to Pascale Nucera, a hatha yoga professor:

Student’s posture – to adopt immediately

“Among all exercises, I think the Student’s posture is the one which teaches the best to maintain a straight back. If exercises daily, the body memorizes this posture. In fact, to have a good posture, you need to think about it. The natural tendency is to slouch and we need to act against this tendency”, according to Pascale Nucera, professor of Hatha Yoga (pedagogy Eva Ruchpaul).

The Student’s posture

1.On the floor, the goal is to feel the verticality of the back as opposed to a leg which is horizontally placed on the floor.

2.Keep the shoulders straight, relaxed (pushing them a bit downwards) and the fact of laying the hands on the knees helps us for that, the back nicely straight.

3.The head must be held naturally, with a slight upward stretch of the neck, as if there was an apple on the top of it

 We need to think all the time about keeping a straight back, shoulder blades slightly closer one to the other, when walking, washing dishes etc. You can control your movements, but the more you exercise the right movements the better your body will memorize the right position.

Memorizing the right posture

It’s really important to train the body to adopt the right posture. The more you exercise your muscles and the memory of the right position, the more you'll have good spontaneous posture.