The Up Shirt - What you say about it

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"The results are very impressive, both in terms of look and feel - we've tried one and can confirm that they're deliciously comfortable; the bands feel a little strange at first but you quickly forget about them and start to enjoy the silky and immaculately fitted material ".


The t-shirt to stand up straight by UpCouture on Brash

The Up T-Shirt on ITV on "This Morning"

Faye Sawyer (fashion expert of the program). "The Up T-shirt is really worth a look at; it looks like any other T-Shirt and its organic cotton, but what's interesting about it is it's got in-built panels of resistance, and they keep your posture up right. I've tried it on and it's really very good".
Holly Willoughby:" Does it really pull you back "?
Faye Sawyer:" it really does and it really makes your body look so much nicer . "


Up T-shirt posture t-shirt on ITV

"Everyone's heard the clothes make the man, but we never expected them to completely re-create him.
But that's exactly what the UpCouture T-shirt does.
If you start to slump, there's a light bit of pressure that reminds you to correct your posture.
As a result, you'll feel more confident and present a more charismatic version of yourself to the world. It's hard to believe how powerful good posture can be in making someone more physically attractive (though any gay chiropractor wants to preach this to you like a zealot), but it's true.
We recommend the dark colors over the white, unless you plan to wear underneath another shirt. (The white Allows a bit of the Figure 8 to show through underneath.)
At $ 170 for a T-shirt, it's definitely not going to replace your every shirt, but we think wearing one even every couple of days is enough to remind us when we're reverting back to our disgruntled teen sloth pose.
After only a few minutes on, you'll definitely notice the difference. "


Posture t-shirt UpCouture on Gay List Daily



"I live my life in t-shirts and I am confident to say that I have just about mastered every conceivable way to style them. When Lori approached me about the concept of a shirt that improves your posture I Assumed it was a joke. When I received my shirt, such notions were quickly dispelled. I tried it on for a day of business and pleasure. Honestly I have to say that I am a tad bit addicted to this thing. I have wore it a few times and the only thing people seem to notice is that I look taller. Up Couture blends easily with my wardrobe, while saving my parents the trouble to ask me to stop my slouching. "





"I wore it all day yesterday and did not want to take it off - it seemed to hold my shoulders in a most beautiful position (statuesque-like) without feeling retrained. The price is pretty steep- $ 170 but it's extremely comfy and if you work at a desk, sitting in front of a computer it's like an all-day reminder to sit up straight and no slouching! Might save me beaucoup bucks in physical therapy in the long run ".

Janene Mascarella is the beauty editor of BELLA NYC Magazine.



"When I first put the Up T-shirt on, I instantly noticed a difference. It pulls back your shoulders and you really do feel more aware of your posture .It was a little tight around the arms; however, I think this may be a design purpose (or my swimmers shoulders). 
I wore the T-shirt to work, and it does work - I noticed myself sitting a little straighter, shoulders back, less hunched ".


 Law and more



"Paris fashion label UpCouture sent me one of its Up T-shirts, which gives the appearance of looking more fit without making you look like a Dolly Parton wannabe. Instead, it encourages better posture with patches of resistance fabric that's sewn into the shoulders and upper back when your body starts to slouch, it sort of grabs hold of you to remind you to sit up straight - sort of like your grandma always did, but without the disapproving glare ".



"Good news Paris-based e-shop UpCouture blends tech with style by introducing the smartest, most innovative tee around. One That places pressure on your upper arm when your back is not properly aligned. We Clementines gave it a go and are happy to report A successful trial. The pressure is mild enough to offer a gentle reminder to sit up straight (without the evil eye from your mother) - yet comfortable enough for daily wear. Genius ".



"I enjoyed Up tee a lot. The price is a little bit high for a piece of clothing, but it does the job well.".



"I, myself, felt the difference after wearing them (the Up T-shirts). I noticed right away a pulling back of my shoulders. The feeling was very much one of an open chest with what could be called a very "proud" posture. I really enjoyed wearing them".



"The Up T-shirt" has wide elastic bands on the upper back and shoulders. These elastic bands, quite strong, push the shoulder blades closer to each other, thus opening our thoracic cage. More attractive and less constraining than a corset: it's because it's unpleasant to wear with rounded shoulders (the elastic bands on the neck and upper arms pull back) that we think about straightening our back. Not magical, but ingenious.
"Fleur De La Haye, journalist for magazines Phosphorus



"Entire days sitting at a desk, without mentioning the fatigue in the evening, make us sit with rounded shoulders and back. Yet a good posture gives the impression to be thinner. Good posture means aligned shoulders with the ears and the chin parallel to the ground. But it's not easy to think about this at every moment. Bad habits tend to be stronger. That's why the company UpCouture has made a t-shirt which integrates a system of invisible support on the shoulders' level. It is actually an internationally patented elastic resistance. Thanks to this resistance, the shoulders are aligned and the straight posture is harmonious and healthier.



"Already after a couple of hours, I notice how this t-shirt has taken control over my back. I really have the impression there's someone behind me that holds my shoulders and corrects my posture. Thanks to this impression, I pay more attention to holding my shoulders straight. Goal achieved!

My personal conclusion: the t-shirt does not replace intensive back training - and it is so not what it promises. But for everyday, when we're sitting a long time before the computer, this garment is really an innovation that I can recommend to everyone. The unpleasant feeling of the beginning disappears after a few minutes and your back will thank you.
"Kathrin Staudinger


A t-shirt for better propper posture in girlfriend



The Up T-shirt tested Live (on a person from the public) on the French public TV channel "Comment ça va bien"

Live testimonial:
"I feel a pressure on my shoulders and it prevents me from slouching".
"The t-shirt is not uncomfortable".
"Yes, it make me stand/sit up straight.
I usually never have a good posture spontaneously".

Comment from the host:
"And it looks beautiful"


T-shirt posture UpCouture Comment_Ca_Va_Bien


The Up T-shirt Health Magazine on France5 (French public TV channel)

(Both Setti and Benoît are wearing the Up T-shirt on the TV set)

"Exclusively for us, Benoît is testing the anti-slouching t-shirt."

"But really ... it works!" It's acting on the upper arm if you slouch. If you sit like this for example, you feel something that bothers you, it's as if you had put a children's size shirt that's much too small for you. You feel you'd like only one thing: to feel comfortable, so you straighten your back and the shirt feels comfortable. So naturally, you stand up straight. "

Setti (showing the inside of the t-shirt on TV):
"There are actually elastic bands which are sown at the shoulders '/ upper-arms' / behind the shoulder-blades. These elastic bands press gently downwards and rearwards. It's really difficult to come back to the bad habits with the t-shirt, because you have the impression your mom is behind saying "Setti, stand up straight."
The Reminder feels a bit strange at first; it feels a bit strong, but then you get used to it. I'm wearing it since 2 days, and I've totally gotten used to it. And it's actually a t-shirt that one could almost describe as having a wellness effect. "


T-shirt posture UpCouture France5


The Up T-shirt on the very popular TV entertainment/info program "Télé Matin" on France2 (public channel, audience over 1 million)

Laura Tenoudji:
"The Product of the week:. The t-shirt That gives you a good posture. Absolutely brilliant, with reinforcements at the shoulders and the upper back. This magical t-shirt forces you to keep a correct posture."

William Leymergie:
"If you have poor posture, it pulls, then you have to staighten your back to feel good".






The Up T-shirt on the entertainment TV show "100% Mag" on channel M6 (audience over 2 millions)

Jean-Philippe Doux (who is wearing the Up T-shirt):
"I have no other choice than to stand up straight with this t-shirt."

Marie-Ange Casalta:
"And is it comfortable?"

Jean-Philippe Doux:
"At the beginning it feels strange, but one gets used to it."




c'est au programs


The Up T-shirt on entertainment TV program "C'est au programme" on France 2 (publich channel)

The journalist Karine Abderrahim wears a black Up T-shirt:
"It's the t-shirt which trains you to adopt good posture.
Do you see these elastic bands inside? They pull back. I have it on now: it pulls on my shoulders. It's not an unpleasant feeling. It makes me stand up straight or straighten myself when I'm not straight".



c'est au programs

Faut pas rater ça


The Up T-shirt on entertainment TV program "#Faut pas rater ça!" On France 4

Laura Tenoudji:
"Since a few weeks, I have a very straight posture, Bbcause I use this t-shirt. It's absolutely brilliant"



Faut pas rater ça

"At first it always feels a bit strange, because you're not used to having a t-shirt which acts on your shoulders and upper back by light resistance. So I start shoulder movements forward and backward to test the t-shirt under its extremes.

Far from unpleasant, in the contrary, I forget little by little this support effect and I become one with the t-shirt. Lightweight and well cut. I simply feel beautiful in it! My shoulders must behave properly, as even if I 'm not concentrated on the innovation of this t-shirt, as soon as they are bent forwards in a unusual position, the Up reminds me immediately the correct position.

It's actually with surprise that I realize: First, my posture is gorgeous, and second, with this up T-shirt I am standing naturally straight. Brilliant, is it not? "(translation from French)


Marion Gordien


"Given the human anatomy, the Up T-shirt is a really intelligent shirt. It acts exactly where it should to align the shoulders, and to keep these in an adequate position with a minimum of pressure. "

"It is a smart shirt also because it has no rigit parts: it does not restrict the movement of the body, but induces exercise of the trapezius muscles to straighten and relax the shoulders and the upper-back."


Dr. Hossein Niknafs
(orthopeadic surgeon)

"I love to wear the "Up T-shirt "long sleeves, like a beautiful second skin, and I feel all "dynamically elastic" with it. I wear it both at work (physiotherapist) and for leisure: I have the pleasant feeling that the Up T-shirt supports my back and scapular girdle muscles, and prevents thus strain and muscle pain.

I can only recommend the UpCouture products to whoever wishes to take care of his/her body and posture.

I also like the fact hat it is made of organic cotton and with ethical values (local workers). Must also say that the Up T-shirt and the packaging are both beautiful.

Anne Micheli pounds

"The t-shirt is made of really nice and soft material. It fits well and by doing so the mechanism by which it acts, works better.

As you sit up right, you do not feel anything unusual but as you lean forward or one of the shoulders forward drops you feel a little stretch from the material at the back of the same shoulder reminding you to correct your posture. This is not in anyway uncomfortable and it is quite eye opening how often we sit badly. After one hour or so you adapt a better posture as you notice you are not reminded did often.

I do really like it myself and now wear it during my clinic hours (constantly seeing patients and working on the computer), where I find myself needing it more. "


Dr. Ladan Hajipour
(orthopedic surgeon)

"The up t-shirt is a preventive and curative product, acting on the cervico-thoracic region, as well as on the shoulders. It is an interesting product for a large portion of the population, such as the people who are sitting a lot and the women with important breast size... The up t-shirt is a good compromise between aesthetics and efficiency of action to encourage a healthier posture. "

Maxime Le Pennec
(Physiotherapist, Kinesitherapeute - France) 


"UpCouture T-shirt has a beneficial effect on patients with protracted shoulders and flexed posture. Scapulae being adjusted to a neutral position, creating optimal biomechanics of the glenohumeral joint and impingement problems are preventable. In addition, this better working conditions for the stabilizing interscapular muscles. Indirectly it will affect the thoracic spine to take a more extended position, thus avoiding attitude-related problems in the muscles and joints. "

Poul Erik Pedersen
(Physiotherapist and Osteopath DO)

"I first thought the idea of a t-shirt for posture was excellent, but I was wondering how this could work. It's only by trying it that I've realised: the UpCouture shirt is really efficient. As there's a stronger part behind the shoulders, connected to a loop on each upper arm, you feel something is pulling as soon as the shoulders hunch. And by straightening the shoulders and upper back, you automatically straighten up your Entire back.

The interesting part with the UpCouture shirt is that it trains you to straighten your back, so you find yourself using muscles which you tend to forget in the course of the day, noticingly when sitting at the computer.

I wear it now myself every day for work. It's comfortable and I feel its benefits. I'd recommend it to anyone who'd like to stand / sit up straight. "



Dr. Clementine Holloway Micheli
(MD, General Physician)

 "I have personally adopted the UpCouture t-shirt and I have to say that I am really impressed by the way it reminds me to hold a good posture. Everyday I explain to my patients how to sit up straight, using a few tips to help them understand how their body should feel. Unfortunately, as they are carried away by their work (for example working in an office in front of the computer), they generally need something extra to make them remember not to slouch. The UpCouture t-shirt is exactly what I was looking for as a proprioceptive tool that would help them improve their posture. 

I can recommend it to most people who suffer from upper back or neck pain, or to those who just want to improve their posture. "

 François Naef
(Osteopath, Australia) 

 "It is so versatile and stylish. I wear it to dinner with friends and I am gently reminded to sit up straight, I wear it to work and it reminds me to stand tall while I am directing, I wear it to yoga and it is there telling me to be good to my spine. With its smart construction and comfortable design, it has become the most lived in shirt that I own! "


 Renee Jaworski
Dance Professional
Director, Choreographer
Pilobolus, USA 



NYC Based Noemi, dance instructor, has been moving and working with her body all her life. Dancer and figure skater, Noemi likes the Up T-shirt because "it's a reminder to be present in our bodies and to realign when we catch ourselves standing or sitting with a round back and hanging shoulders."

I like the Up t-shirt because it's a reminder to be present in our bodies and to realign when we catch ourselves standing or sitting with a round back and hanging shoulders

posture can be achieved through:
- pelvis in neutral position - respecting the natural curves of the spine - letting the shoulder blades glide freely on the ribs - lengthening through the crown of your head - a sensation of widening the area around the collar bones.

The innovation of UpCouture facilitates these important and natural posture movements, all in a beautiful garment. "


Noemi di Gregorio wearing the T-shirt Up


(Dance instructor)

Diana Seo is owner of one of New York City's most prestigious spas and wellness centers:

"My chiropractor mentioned my posture was getting worse and since I was always slouching, that did not help. My friend told me about the UpCouture T-shirt. I was so happy to experience how comfortable this T -shirt was, and the resistance was just enough to help me be conscious of my posture."

"Wearing the UpCouture T-shirt helps my posture everyday, and as a spa owner and a wellness practitioner, I highly recommend the UpCouture T-shirt to anyone looking to improve their posture! "

Diana Seo wearing the T-shirt Up

Diana Seo

(owner of B + B Skin Lab)


"I love to wear the T-shirt Up!"

Elodie Gossuin  (Radio / TV presenter,  Miss France 2001  Miss Europe 2001


Elodie Gossuin wearing the T-shirt Up

"It is at my shoulders' level that I feel the most tension due to stress or fatigue. When I wear the Up T-shirt, it helps me to remain straight and relaxed. Smoothly, it obliges me to stand correctly, which reduces of course tensions... The Up T-shirt is a bit like my mother who used to say: "Stand up straight" when I was a teenager. Now that I do not live with her anymore, I'm grateful that the Up T-shirt is there!" (translation from French)

Lara Micheli
(our special model)

"I was a bit skeptical - a wonderful t-shirt that would keep my posture straight? It sounded just like a marketing catch. What can I say now? I was wrong. The UpCouture t-shirt REALLY keeps my body in a right position ...? And, what also important is - I feel that something keeps me straight ,but it is absolutely not an unpleasant or disturbing feeling that makes you want to take off the t-shirt. Impressive!"


Katarzyna Pieniadz

"The UpCouture T-shirt has everything and gives it back to us! 
In addition to proffering a correct posture, it is extremely comfortable (in organic cotton) and is very well cut. Trying it is adopting it! It has become an absolute key element in my wardrobe. " 

Sylvie Salamian 

"Greetings to all at UpCouture! I'm on a plane to Chicago and for the first time, I'm wearing my Up T-shirt! It's so supportive, my shoulders are not slouching! I love that it helps me avoid discomfort during air travel just by helping to align my shoulders. I cannot believe how good this T makes me feel. Am so ready for production meetings in LA!

A properly aligned, shoulder-stress free flight for me, thanks to the Up T. Now I am seriously empowered to get this new movie off the ground. Thank you UpCouture! ".


Allegra Cohen
(actress and movie producer)

"My chiropractor mentioned my posture is getting worse, and since I was always slouching, it did not help. My friend told me about the UpCouture T-shirt which has support - actual bands of resistance - layered into soft organic cotton. I was so happy to experience how comfortable this T-shirt was and the resistance was just enough to help me be conscious of my posture. Wearing the UpCouture T-shirt helps my posture everyday and as a spa owner and a wellness practitioner, I highly recommend the UpCouture T-shirt to anyone looking to improve their posture! ".


Diana Seo
(owner of B + B Skin Lab,
one of New York City's most prestigious spas and
wellness centers)

You cannot imagine how much pleasure I'm getting wearing your UpCouture posture shirt.  The texture and quality of the organic fabric alone is extremely comfortable and, with the proper fit in place, it gently grips my shoulders reminding me to keep my spine in alignment ease the strain in my neck.  This is especially valuable to me since I've injured my shoulder and must keep back muscles strong.  Thank you for this gem of a t-shirt; I wear it regularly, both alone as well as an undergarment.  It looks great and I feel great!

"I have well received my Up T-shirt, thank you. The size XL is perfect: good support on the shoulders level and fantastically comfortable. It is going to be pure joy to wear a shirt of such quality."


Marianne O.

André P.

"I received my size XS T-shirt and it fits perfectly!!  Thank you so very much for all your help."

"We are all unanimous, we find the Up T-shirt simple and efficient, we feel well in it and it is really pleasant to feel "straightened up!"
(Translation from French)

(writing in the name of a group of students at University of Paris V, having thoroughly tested the Up T-shirt)


Roberta A.

Claire S.

"I've been very pleasantly surprised the first time I've tried the Up-Tees. The support of the back is very subtle and comfortable. It makes us feel which posture is right, it feels good for the body and is at the sametime very esthetical. This t-shirt gives you good looks! "(translation from French)


Edouard F.

"Following the survey on the Up T-shirt, I wanted to add that I find this product surprising. At a time when many people sit the whole day at the computer, which leads to poor posture, this t-shirt is perfect."

"It has the advantage to not force, but to educate into the correct posture. It is like a postural coach. One can wear it a lot at the beginning and then skip a few days, so that good posture becomes natural."

"It's really a good and healthy product, congratulations. One single regret, personally: I would have liked to see the Up T-shirt with long sleeves".


Olivier D.

"This t-shirt really works! It does not allow you to stay even slightly hunched forward, as, if you do so, it starts pulling you backwards. Once you have taken the right position, it feels really comfy. It's a constant reminder to keep a beautiful, straight posture! I definitely recommend! "


Ivon L.

"When wearing the Up T-shirt, I feel that I need no other effort to stand up straight at the trapezius muscle level. This has allowed me to relax as I was supported and had no tension at the neck level."


Daria B.

"I received my t-shirt today and immediately liked the packaging and personalised note. A very nice touch. I've only had the shirt on for about 10 minutes, so this is just some initial feedback. I can tell it's already working as I'm much more aware of my shoulder position, so that's great."


Anna S.

"A relaxing effect all day long, my shoulders come down, relaxed and lose the stress which made them go up. I feel more zen at the end of the day. Fantastic concept". (Translation from French)


Cyndie L.

"I have been wearing the t-shirt serveral days, and frankly, it is very efficient. The era of active clothing has begun!" (Translation from French)


Adrien T.

"As of the first day, just like me, you will be very quickly addicted to your elegant posture and hence to your T-shirt". (Translation from French)


Martin L.

"Great idea! Interesting innovation. Its "second skin" aspect gives a very pleasant silhouette." (Translation from French)


Anaïs T.

"A T-shirt which can be used in different circumstances, and which trains to hold a seductive posture, making us look attractive." (Translation from French)


Antoine M.

"An innovative T-shirt with nice colors!
A real technique to keep shoulders straight." (Translation from French)


Jennifer M.

"I take a lot of care about my body and do sports regularly. When my colleagues told me about the Up T-Shirt I had to grin. I could just not imagine a t-shirt would improve my posture and I was very skeptic. But because I am a very nosy person I wanted to test the T-shirt. The elastic resistance in the shoulders was a bit unusual in the beginning but as I lined up straight I did not feel anything. The Up T-Shirt really Convinced me." (translation from German)


Patrick S.

"I remember my mother warning me to stand up straight. In every day life I often forget to keep my shoulders straight and to stretch my back. Especially when I sit at my desk I often sit bent. I was allowed to test the Up T -shirt and on the first day I felt the pressure in my shoulders a lot. After a few days I got used to my new companion and got positive feedback from my colleagues. I will definitely recommend the Up T-Shirt because it really works! ". (translation from German)


Cara S.