1. Questions in relation with the Up T-shirt

The technology

What makes the Up T-shirt really efficient?

The Up T-shirt has a unique and internationally patented system, which uses the natural movement of the arm to remind and facilitate the movement and alignment of the shoulders in a correct, aesthetic and relaxing posture.
Its efficiency is based on a "double-8 shaped" physical elastic resistance, which goes through the upper-back around the two shoulders (over, behind, in front and on the side) and which is anchored on each upper-arm. The anchor on each upper-arm is essential as this is the strategic place where, with a minimum of pressure, a maximum of effect can be obtained on the position of the shoulders. The "double-8 shaped" resistance is completed by a horizontal resistance also from one shoulder to the other.
If your shoulders leave their straight alignment, you'll feel a physical gentle pressure to straighten the shoulders. This pressure comes from the fact that the resistant "double-8" wants to find its balance again, said balance being found when the shoulders are in alignment with the upper-back.
The goal of the Up T-shirt is not to maintain the back firmly, as a rigid maintenance would weaken the muscles of the back, but to press in the right direction as soon as the shoulders leave their ideal alignment.

The photos below, where the Up T-shirt is worn inside-out, may help to understand.
Imagine a double-8 elastic resistance, smartly placed around the shoulders and upper-back, with a loop around each upper-arm. If your shoulders are not straight and relaxed, every time you move an arm:
- 1. the band over the trapezius muscle pushes gently downwards to relax that muscle,
- 2. you feel a resistance in front of the shoulder, and
- 3. you feel an elastic resistance behind the shoulder and upper-back to engage to straighten-up.


How can the Up T-shirt remain comfortable while it reminds us to stand straight?

This is another great innovation of the Up T-shirt: it uses the movement of our arms to remind us, through an adequate resistance, which is the right position of the shoulders and it pushes, in a subtle manner, the shoulders in the right direction. The Up T-shirt has no rigid or semi-rigid parts.

What makes the Up T-shirt the best posture improving system?

The UpCouture system does not compress the torso, so as to leave full comfort and free breathing.
The UpCouture system is unique in its action-reaction effect: you slouch, it pulls your shoulders back, to encourage you to straighten up.
Style can sound secondary, but it actually is very important in human psychology: you wear with pleasure something that combines well with other pieces of your wardrobe and your style.

How is the adequate resistance incorporated in the Up T-shirt?

We have incorporated within organic cotton fibers an extra-thin film with ideal resistance, so that the Up T-shirt has a maximum of both efficiency and comfort.

Does the resistance incorporated in the Up T-shirt lose its effect over time?

We've conducted extensive testing and finally carefully chosen an elastic material having the perfect modulus and a 100% recovery power. This means the Up T-shirt will not lose its unique effect over time..

Why is the Up T-shirt more expensive than a "normal" t-shirt?

The making of the Up T-shirt needs a very specific material, as well as much more time and work than a normal t-shirt:
1. there’s an extra-thin and resistant film on the upper back and around the shoulders of the Up T-shirt (incorporated in-between organic cotton layers), which ensures the right modulus and a 100% recovery after elongation. This special film for which the 100% recovery is guaranteed by the producer, is produced by only two firms in the world and is unfortunately very expensive.
2. The process of incorporating the film in-between organic cotton layers must be done in 3 different technical steps, through 3 different specialists.
3. The sewing of the t-shirt itself, because of the precise adjusting of the resistant parts, is more delicate and time-consuming.
4. In spite of the precise and long work needed to make the Up T-shirt, and in spite of the fact that work may be cheaper in China, the Up T-shirt has been completely made in France.
5. The cotton used is organic cotton with the GOTS certificate ensuring that the textile used has been produced while respecting ethical and environmental rules – but this last point doesn’t really influence the price because of the weight of the previous points above.

The fitting

How do I choose my size?

You can choose your size using the size chart available on the Product page on the Online store. Please note that the Up T-shirt is most efficient when it is fitted. Please also note that you ought to choose your size according to the size of your shoulders and upper-arms in particular.

Where can I find the Up T-shirt?

UpCouture products are mainly sold online, as this is the best way for us to be there for you if you have questions, comments or suggestions. Our desire is that you have access to the Up T-shirt where you wish it most. We would therefore be happy to hear your suggestions in relation to the places you wish to see the Up T-shirt (concept store / shop, city, country). All your suggestions (sent to will be carefully examined and as soon as we see many of you wish the same place, we will certainly try our best to get the Up T-shirt available in that particular place you've suggested.

How do I recognize the adequate shoulder and back position?

While standing, legs slightly apart (width of the hips), or while sitting, you bring slightly your shoulderblades towards each other (straight shoulders) and lower slightly your shoulders (relaxed shoulders). You can also imagine a thread which pulls the top of your head upwards. The right position should be pleasant and a source of wellness. The fact of bringing the shoulderblades toward each other should automatically lead to an adequate position of the lower-back with strong abs, slightly stretched upwards. 

You may also stand in front of a mirror, sideways so as to see the profile of your shoulders, and find out the position in which you're the most attractive (straight and relaxed shoulders).

Memorize this position of the shoulders and the Up T-shirt will remind it to you whenever you need it during the day.

Is it possible that I feel a little discomfort with the Up T-shirt?

If you feel a little discomfort with the Up T-shirt it normally means that you need to straighten your shoulders and adopt a more aesthetic posture. If you continue to feel real discomfort in spite of the holding straight of your shoulders, then you should probably try the size above.

Is it possible that I don't feel any effect when I wear the Up T-shirt?

The Up T-shirt's effect will vary depending on the posture and activities of the wearer. If you don't feel the effect, it means that you already have a dream posture… or that you are wearing a size too large for you... To find out, try to put your shoulders forward : if you still don't feel anything, then it means that you should try a smaller size.

I have a back problem, can I still wear the Up T-shirt?

If you have a medical problem, we recommend that you show the Up T-shirt to your doctor and ask his advice for your particular case.

Maintenance and care

Can I wash the Up T-shirt in the washing machine?

Yes, you may wash the Up T-shirt in the washing machine at 30°.
NO tumble dry.

How should I iron the Up T-shirt?

You may iron the Up T-shirt inside-out on heat 2 points (heat for wool and silk). Do NOT use steam on the resistant part.
It is recommended to sometimes iron the Up T-shirt specifically on its resistant part. Do not use steam. Don't worry, the inside of the Up T-shirt is also made of Organic cotton, and the film is in-between cotton layers, so there's no risk that your iron will burn the film.

Does my Up T-shirt need any specific care?

With time/numerous washes, it may happen that the resistant part needs new adherence to the t-shirt. In this case, you turn the t-shirt inside-out, you set your iron on point 2 (heat for wool and silk) without steam and you press and leave the iron about 10 seconds on the resistant part which needs to stick better to the t-shirt. Please ensure your Up T-shirt is dry, and it is laid on a flat surface where you iron. The bonding power of the film is very strong, so the process should be easy. Your Up T-shirt will keep its power as on its first day, because the resistance of the film remains the same, even if detached from the t-shirt.

The manufacturing

Where has the Up T-shirt been made?

The Up T-shirt is made in France.

Is the inside of the Up T-shirt also in organic cotton?

Yes, everything that touches your skin is in organic cotton. The technological part is incorporated between cotton layers, so it has no direct contact with your skin. And in any case, the technological part has also been developed to be friendly on the human skin..

The Style

The Up T-shirt is intended for whom?

The Up T-shirt is intended for all men and women subject to earth gravity, and who'd like to evolve in beauty and with a maximum of sex-appeal.

Can I wear the Up T-shirt every day?

The Up T-shirt is very comfortable to wear daily. It is made of organic cotton and soft. And you will see, it will soon become your best clothes friend.

What is the specific sign of the Up T-shirt from the outside?

Your beauty, your presence, but also the applied triangle on the bottom of the t-shirt.

Why didn't you put your logo on the triangle?

We chose a signature sign, without logo – while it reminds the triangle of the logo – because we find this more trendy and classy.

2. Questions relating to your orders

My Account

What do I do with my personal account?

You may use your personal account to register and follow orders, register several addresses and also see your past orders. You may also use it to track the status of your order.

How do I change my personal information?

Simply go to "My Account" and click on "edit my personal information."

My order

Can I order by phone?

Unfortunately it is not possible to order by phone, it must be done through the internet..

How do I know my order has been taken into account?

You know that your order has been correctly taken into account when you receive an email confirmation of your order.

My payments

I am a first-time buyer, can I trust your website?

We use a secured payment means which is operated by the Bank HSBC. The payment process goes through the security of the bank.
If you have a PayPal account or wish to pay through a Credit card through PayPal, you may also. Payment through PayPal is secured by PayPal's security.
We have chosen the most reputable security partners so that your payments can be made with the highest safety standards.

My Shipments and Returns

I do not live in France, can I order and receive shipment in another country?

Your orders will be shipped by UpCouture to most of the countries in Europe, North America and in the rest of the world, at the address of your choice at your or a friend's place. If you'd like the Up T-shirt to be delivered in a country which is not included in the country list of our web site, it is important that you write to us, as we'd like the Up T-shirt to be available where you want it to be.

I do not live in the European Union, do I have to pay VAT (taxes)?

If the delivery address is outside of the European Union, the invoice price will be excluding taxes. You will have to pay customs duty and taxes in your home country.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times are approximately 7 working days.

How do I make a return?

To return a t-shirt, please send us the package with its full content within 30 days. Please enclose the delivery slip (or the invoice)and write down on it the return reason.

How do I make an exchange?

For exchanges, please send us the package with its full content within 30 days. Please enclose the delivery slip (or the invoice) and write down on it which article you wish to receive in exchange (model, gender, size, color). If the first shipment has been free of charge, we will resend the desired article still free of charge.


3. I have other questions

You can ask any question by sending us a message to