The Up Shirt

Our desire :

That the human species presents, despite gravity, its most attractive and appealing profile.

The Up Shirt gives a dream posture to both men and women and acts as a real clothes "friend". Through its innovative, patented, flexible and pleasant process, it encourages the holding of the shoulders in a straight and relaxed position, which results in a higher and more appealing profile.

Our goal has been to create a beautiful and fashion forward shirt in which one would feel better than in any other t-shirt and which would enhance our beauty more than any other garment.


Presentation of the Up Shirt in movement

Have some time?

You'll find below the story of the Up Shirt. If you're looking for answers to precise questions, you'll find numerous answers in the FAQ.

The story of the Up Shirt - the long way

In January 2010, I've noticed there was nothing on the market to help against this : 


I've looked around and noticed that, apart from trained dancers, most people tend to slouch, whether at the computer, standing at the bus stop, or simply moving through a day's routine.

Following this observation, I was terribly motivated to find a solution : a good, efficient and beautiful solution.

The way to the solution was long though. Very long.

The correct posture

Both my parents are medical doctors. My Mom used to ask me to stand up straight by putting one hand in front of my shoulder and the other on the shoulderblade on the back, and she pushed gently the hand in front backwards and the hand on the shoulderblade frontwards.

It's by analysing this medical doctor's movement that I realized: when you bring your sholderblades closer one to the other (straight shoulders) and push your shoulders downwards (relaxed shoulders), then you automatically feel your abs and lower back muscles work, for a powerful overall posture. Please try it as you read this page.

This observation has lead me to concentrate my efforts on the upper-back.

Right balance of elastic forces

For maximum efficiency, one had to act both in front (on the upper-arm level) and in the back of the shoulder (on the shoulderblades' level).


But it was difficult to arrange for anything to hold on the extremity of the shoulder.

I have considered and tried many different systems, but without conviction. Either the elastic was pulling on the fabric or it was moving too loosely along with my arm.

In order to act efficiently on the body, there had to be a continuous system of elastic resistance, so that an ACTION could cause a REACTION. And this closed circuit could not be simply tubular, as tubular can "compress", but not "direct", or "pull" backwards or "align" the shoulders.

Many months of research and development have been necessary to find the ideal mix of elastic forces to act efficiently and with a maximum of comfort on the shoulders.

The solution

A double-8 with the two outer loops around each upper-arm, and the 2 middle-loops around each shoulder, and crossing in the back. Thus, when you move an arm, even slightly, you feel:

1. a resistance in front of the shoulder
2. a traction behind the shoulder, and
3. a light pressure on the trapezius muscle to encourage relaxation of this muscle

This solution then had to go through the long and costly process of the invention patent, to prove and establish its absolute innovation. This Patent procedure was luckily successful.

The incorporation of the adequate elastic forces into a beautiful shirt

Once I had found the adequate combination of elastic bands, I had to find a way to integrate this in a beautiful manner in a t-shirt.

I have first tried with a couturière which had very high technical abilities, but the result was :



Resistant bands which are not incorporated in the shirt and which do not follow the curves of the shoulders


My most sincere gratitude goes to the German new technology textile company which has been the first to understand my request and which has correctly directed its engineers to establish the first prototype – almost perfect from the beginning – of the Up t-shirt.


This was the proof that the concept of the elastic forces and their integration in a great shirt was not science-fiction.



Once this prototype created, I thought "wonderful", I can now make sophisticated and very fashion-forward tops.

But two different fashion designers based in Paris told me I should launch a first model, well-cut, but simple, without flourish.

I was disappointed, given all my ideas, but I've followed their advice - which was also the advice of my special consultant and husband who had followed the project from its beginning.

I was far from imagining how long it would take to create even a simple but perfect design.

The numerous tests

We have made over 30 different prototypes between that first German prototype and the present Up T-shirt. The prototypes have always been improved, tested, reimproved. Every millimeter of the special film and force has been studied and tested.

After all our experiences and prototypes, we have opted for:

1.     an extra-thin film, which would be both sown and bonded to the garment, and

2.     a film with perfect modulus and with a 100% recovery power – in spite of the fact that this version (100% recovery guarantee) was 5 times more expensive than the version which was losing 4% from initial point after each elongation

The Up t-Shirt had to be perfect, not close to perfection, in order to merit the gold medal in your closet.

The manufacturing

We've exmined the manufacturing conditions in various countries, and realized that proximity can allow a thorough control over what is being made and therefore to produce the best quality possible. The Up Shirt needs quality control after each of the 5 manufacturing episodes: the manufacturing process is in fact very long and precise, so it is important to conduct due quality control after each step and not wait until the product is finished. 

The first motivation behind the French manufacturing was thus to offer the best quality possible, but this French manufacturing was also in line with the ideology of the Up Shirt, which is to be in organic cotton, respectful of the environment and our society.

How your Up Shirt is made


Your story

We have made this long journey, difficult but always exciting, to create the Up Shirt for you. It is your turn now to continue the story of the Up Shirt...